R.I.P. to Christmas Break

I’m sure you’ve seen the memes referencing the days between Christmas and New Years that become difficult to name, let alone the specific date. Peep this one:


It’s like clockwork. Every year at this time I lie awake in bed in disbelief that the lifestyle I had grown so accustomed to over the last week is a few hours from being completely over.

No more waking up at 8:30 and going and grabbing breakfast only to cozy back in bed less than an hour later watching television until the sun begins to set. Then, finally getting the urge to get yourself together and be seen by the rest of the world. Rested. Without the dark circles and bags.

You’re able to make it to the city in time for 2 for 1 Happy Hour in something not scarred with dry erase markers and red pens. Finally, the best part, you can stay out until you’re fully satisfied by the night without worrying about how it will affect the next day.

And when you are ready to go home you hop in an Uber and ask him for the aux cord and DJ the ride home as if the night is just beginning. The only decision left to make is whether to stop by the Jamaican spot, Popeyes, or order from the corner store and watch Broad City reruns until it arrives.

The next day you wake up and do it all again, unless of course you decide you don’t want to shower that particular day.

Then you just don’t.

On break we do what we want, when we want, and however we want.

Here’s to pretending it’s still break!


Sam [@sams0ngz]

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