I’ve got serious questions for Big Baby D.R.A.M.

Chances are by this point you’ve heard one of D.R.A.M.’s infamous tunes and found yourself heading bobbing along to the rambunctious beat, but have you seen any of the music videos to complement the songs?

It’s becoming a hobby of mine to cast D.R.A.M. videos from my phone to TV, sit back, and ask myself “Why?” among other things. Take the video Broccoli featuring Lil Yachty for example.

Artistically the video is well done with the way it overlays still candids with video. Even the photos seem to bounce to the perky beat. But why, D.R.A.M.? Why?

As I said, I’ve seen the video numerous times and every.single.time I ask myself the same questions and laugh. Like, why a shallow creek, D.R.A.M.? Why broccoli, D.R.A.M.? Why waste such a beautiful piece of broccoli by letting it float down a dutty creek, D.R.A.M.? Why are they twerkin in a shallow creek, D.R.A.M.?

Who really knows… The most likely answer to all of my questions is, “Why not, Sam?” which I would happily accept because at the end of the day D.R.A.M. has me watching his video not once, but several times and talking about it…to you.

Peep the video for yourself and then write a question you pondered while watching in the comments section.

Sam [@sams0ngz]

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