Latest Obsession: PARTYNEXTDOOR

By this point PARTYNEXTDOOR has made a name for himself as a part of OVO’s label and hip-hop artist. While I knew of PARTY due to his collabs with other big-name artists, I had never taken the time to appreciate his work.

Today in my morning walk to work, I realized that it had been a minute since I downloaded any new music. My latest obsession has me in the dark when it comes to new music releases. For two weeks now, Spotify has been cued to play PARTYNEXTDOOR and only PARTYNEXTDOOR. The mood of the music as well as its trap vibe combined with PARTY’s rap/singing makes every track easily recognizable and even more easy to listen to.

While I’ve listened to virtually every track from his two recent self-named albums, I need to travel back in time to his older work to garner a better understanding of who exactly PARTY is, especially considering how private he is.

In the April/May 2015 issue of The FaderPARTY gives a tiny yet intimate glimpse into how his past has shaped his music today.

As I continue to get to know PARTYNEXTDOOR, you should too. See below to get you started:


Recognize feat. Drake by PARTYNEXTDOOR

Wus Good / Curious by PARTYNEXTDOOR

Sam [@sams0ngz]

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