“A New Republic” by Kehinde Wiley Opens at the Brooklyn Museum

In his most recent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, Kehinde Wiley makes a clear statement about society. Upon exiting the elevator on the fifth floor, visitors are greeted by a quote which reads,

“Painting is about the world we live in. Black people live in the world. My choice is to include them. This is my way of saying yes to us.”

From this idea came everything else. In particular, the concept of taking old classical works of art and replacing the protagonist with a black male. The result is a creative, yet classic work of art that places today’s urban African American at the forefront of both the piece of art and the eyes of society. The vibrancy of each piece is a direct reflection of the beauty when two distinct cultures are fused together.

The exhibition is scheduled to end May 24, 2015 so make time to see the full exhibit yourself prior to that date. On May 2nd, the museum will be hosting another “Target First Saturday,” event with free music and entertainment from 5 to 11 PM. During these hours, every floor and exhibit of the museum will be open for free viewings.

Sam [@sams0ngz]

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