The Best Tasting Tacos, Even if You Don’t Like Tacos

If there’s one thing I could eat around the clock, it’s tacos (plus bacon and french fries).

A good taco invades every taste bud, thereby triggering all five senses. A good taco leads you to make that cheesy comment mid-meal (with your mouth full), “This is so good.”

I have two favorite taco places that redefined the definition of taco and took me from fan to fanatic in the time it took to devour the dish.

Kimchi Grill

My first experience with Kimchi Grill was last year at a work party where a food truck was commissioned to prepare tacos at a rapid rate. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was in for. I remember trying the fried fish taco and having my mind blown. Then, I began wondering if I had an addictive personality because it wasn’t even a few weeks and I was already back for more.

Kimchi Grill is located at 766 Washington Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, just a few blocks away from the 2/3 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn Museum stop. The space is tight, but it packs a major punch, just like its tacos. Each taco comes in two flour tortillas. The flavor is too much for two tiny tortillas to handle. Generally, I go for the Korean Fried Chicken taco and the Krispy Fish taco. The fried chicken option is “battered in sweet rice flour, double fried, tossed in organic blue agave nectar and ginger garlic sesame seed Korean pepper glaze served with pickled daikon, queso blanco.” The real treat, though ,is the Krispy Fish which is topped off with “mango salsa, sweet rice flour and sweet potato starch batter, chipotle aioli, kimchi slaw and pickled daikon.”  [ #TooGoodToBeTrue ]


Another one of my favorites is located at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Sterling Place and happens to also have one of the best Happy Hours around. I say that because during Happy Hour tacos are $2 (all except the pescado) and margaritas are $6 and neither of these are basic, run of the mill items.

At Chavelas, every taco option is a good option. Typically I’ll order the bistec taco as well as the pescado taco. The bistec is marinated with a chipotle salsa, cilantro, and caramelized onions and the pescado involves fried tilapia, chipotle mayo, cabbage, and the inevitable pico de gallo. Do you notice a trend? Their margaritas are also very strong for $6.

If tacos are not normally you’re thing, I would still urge you to give these two places a shot. The amount of good flavor is hard to dislike and, who knows…you may become a connoisseur.

Sam [@sams0ngz]

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